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taking more dance classes

So your little dancer loves dancing? They’ve spotted something awesome in the next studio, and now they’re begging to join another class?

Are you worried it would be too much? Do you think it’ll be too hard? Don’t think they can handle doing more than one class?

But there’s no need to worry! In fact, embrace it!

Here are 5 reasons taking another dance class will help your child be more awesome!

  1. GET TWICE AS GOOD, TWICE AS FAST. Techniques/dance moves span across various styles. No one dance style is isolated from the other. Tendus are used in ballet AND in jazz! With more time spent focussing on the technical side of things, both dance styles you take up can improve together.

2. DANCING TOWARDS A HEALTHY BODY – When you go to the gym, you have your leg days, your cardio days and the days you take on the weights. Think of dancing being the same! Tap is fantastic to build strong lower leg muscles while acro is a prime way to improve flexibility. While contemporary develops upper body strength. Ballet is for grace & poise, Hip Hop is for funk & rhythm!

3. MAKE MORE FRIENDS – of course, being in two or more classes means your child will be given the opportunity to make more friends, and enhance their sense of belonging.

4. THEY ALREADY KNOW THE BASICS – Learning dance for the first time always starts the same – understanding counts, using the space, isolating movements in the body… Even in styles as distinct from each other as Ballet and Hip Hop! If you’re scared your child will be at a disadvantage against those who started the same class long before them, it won’t be at all with the foundations we’ve already taught them!

5. MORE CHANCES TO PERFORM – Another dance in the end of year show? Yes please! You know you want to see your little superstar shine on stage for one more dance, and they’ll want to dance again too! Why would you pass up?

At RSD we have seen time and time again, the dancers (of all ages) that take more than 1 class a week grow and develop faster than their peers who only attend 1 class a week. Not only do their bodies become stronger and more flexible, but they show higher levels of self-expression, confidence, body awareness, musicality/timing, responsibility and passion! 

It’s like going for a run once a week. You’re only going to improve so much. Going twice a week (or more) means the improvement from dancers is far greater from a cardiovascular and physiological perspective. 

Quite often it works out that your classes are back-to-back, therefore giving parents “more time out”, dropping them at the studio and picking them up 2 hours later!

And of course the last bonus is the multi class discount that is automatically applied to your fees.

 So if your dancer does hip hop…why not give contemporary, or tap a go?

Already do musical theatre? Tap or jazz is a great complimentary dance style!

Only do contemporary? Acro or ballet can go hand-in-hand too!

Even our babyballet star preschoolers find joy in doing two different dance styles a week by exploring jazz, hip hop or acro!

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